CD Changer Harness Wiring Adapter for Audi Volkswagen VW Seat Mini ISO Spl

  • $ 49.95


Brand new, unused, wiring adapter cable for many VW / Audi / Seat / Skoda head units - specifically, those having the 1-piece (black) 20 pin mini-iso connector (connecting into the top socket of the unit).

 This wiring adapter enables you to easily add a CD changer cable, or an aux-in adapter, or indeed any other adapter which connects to your head unit or sat. nav. via the blue mini-iso position. Your 20 pin mini-iso connector simply connects to the red connector shown in the photo, and effectively 'splits' the 1-piece connector into standard mini-iso fittings - which then fit into the top socket off the head unit or sat. nav.  The adapter thus eliminates all problems of re-wiring the existing connectors, when you wish to add anything to the blue mini-iso position.

Please Note - the blue mini-iso connector, which will be on your CD changer cable, or aux-in adapter, etc., simply clips onto the green & yellow mini-iso connectors shown in the photo - it is NOT part of this adapter. The adapter you receive will be either the same as shown in the photo, or very similar, depending upon current stocks (different suppliers vary slightly) - but the function / performance will always be as described here.


Condition: New

Length: 30cm

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