Bluetooth AUX Music Audio Adapter for Honda Goldwing GL1800 3-Pin Wire Cable+MIC

  • $ 74.95

Bluetooth 5.0 master chip, high-speed transmission without distortion, sound quality up to high-definition standards. The car Bluetooth music player has wireless music transmission function, and it is aimed at the old and current car audio, because many consumers find that listening to music is a troublesome thing. If you don't have a car without an audio input port, you need to burn a disc further, the update of the disc's sound source is slow and inconvenient. For example, some cars are equipped with external audio input ports to listen to music and also need to pull a long signal cable, which is very inconvenient to drag in the center console. If you use Bluetooth transmission, you can say goodbye to messy, and you can also play music online. In the era of streaming media, various online apps are quite convenient, and the sound source is updated in time. This product is designed for different brands of models.It is equipped with different connector according to the reserved interface behind the original car host. The product uses a wide range of voltage input to adapt to different use environments.

Product Details:
Bluetooth version: 5.0 (compatible with the following versions)
Product voltage: 5-12V
Microphone cable length: 1.5 meters

Product Features:
1. The product supports efficient music transmission, version 5.0, compatible with the following versions
2. If the call comes, you can answer the call, the sound effect is clear.

Applicable models:
Honda GL1800 GoldWing

Package Includes:
1set: Bluetooth Adapter Harness + Microphone

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