6.5" LCD for HONDA Navigation Monitor Display + Digitizer Touch Screen LT065CA19000

  • $ 149.95

 This is your opportunity to purchase a Replacement TOSHIBA 6.5" Navigation  LCD Display. For fitment with HONDA navigation monitors. With this piece there's no need to spend over a thousand dollars at a dealership to replace your entire head unit. If your screen has: scratches, cracks, dead pixels, or the polarized protection is wearing off, this is the part you need! Simply replace your LCD and enjoy the look and functionality of a brand new display! TFT (LCD) Technology.  You cannot purchase this from a Honda/Acura dealership, they will want to sell you the entire $2900 monitor. Please see photos. 



Size: 6.5 inches

Part Number: 

  • LT065CA19000
  • LT065CA53000

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