Volvo Maserati Contactless Throttle Position Sensor (TPS) SA300 Installation Instructions

SA300 Volvo TPS Sensor Assembly Information Sheet


Scope: This sensor is usable for the following Volvo throttle bodies: 8644344, 8644345, 8644346, 8644347

Assembly Instructions: SA300 Volvo TPS sensor assembly information sheet

Step 1) Remove the old sensor cap, from the opposite from the actuator side. (the cap with the three pins).

Step 2) Shorten the shaft until just above the NUT. (see red line in the photo below)

SA300 TPS shaft

Step 3) Remove the nut, put the magnet on place, and mount the Nut again, adding some LOCTITE!

SA300 TPS Magnet

Step 4) Put the new SACER tps sensor cap in place. Make sure the rubber O-ring is correctly in place.

Step 5) Check if the throttle moves smoothly, and that the magnet does not make contact with the sensor house.

Step 6) Solder the three pins from the sensor on one side.

Step 7) disconnect the second pin from the controller from the other old sensor.

SA300 TPS Solder


Volvo Tps Solder Wire

Now, solder the wire from the new sensor, to the Second Pin from the controller, as in the photo below

Step 8) Fill up and seal the connecting places, so there will not come any water inside the new sensor. Or apply New Seal which you can buy online or at Volvo dealership.

Step 9)  Inform the customer that an throttle body update (called ‘ETM RELOAD’) is needed after installing the rebuild throttle body. Even if it concerns a customer repair.