Mercedes-Benz COMAND-APS 2/06 - 25/06 Firmware Update Instructions (R230/W220/W215)

Functional Description for COMAND Unit


Firmware Details:

Software Service Update CD ECE / USA

for COMAND - APS Head Unit

SW 22/06 - 25/06

A 220 589 05 22 00

(Additional Details Available here) 


Compatible With:


COMAND Navigation Radio

220/215 as of 2004 <

R230 as of 2005 <

  • 2004 - 2006   W220   S430 S500 S55 AMG
  • 2004 - 2006   W215   CL430 CL500 CL55 AMG
  • 2005 - 2008   R230    SL500 SL55 AMG


The following setting could be lost after a software update with version 22/06 – 25/06

  • Audio Pre-Settings (Bass / Tremble / Fader) in all audio applications
  • Radio Presets (AM / FM / WB)
  • SAT-Presets
  • Any Stored Voice Names
  • Time Will Be Set to Default 24-hour Clock
  • Display Settings (Brightness / Contrast)
  • Language Will Be Set to Default English
  • LCT Will Be Set To ‘Not Connected’
  • Navigation Settings Including:
    • Last Destinations
    • Status Line (GPS On/Off)
    • Map Icons


Update Process:
  1. Insert Service Update Disc into COMAND. Update Will Start Automatically
  2. Head Unit will display the message “Detected Autonomous Service Disc…”
    1. This message will last for approximately 8-minutes
  3. The COMAND will Turn Off, and then back ON by itself to indicate that the software update process is starting. (Progress Bar is shown on COMAND display)
  4. Update is completed after approximately 20 minutes
  5. After the process is complete, the COMAND will turn off, then will display the message “File System Will Be Formatted. All Data Will Be Lost”
  6. COMAND will restart again by itself. The Update CD can then be ejected.


Firmware Update

The latest COMAND-APS update disk for ECE and US models is W220589052200 released 04/10/2006 and updates COMAND-APS firmware to SW-Rel 22/06 - 25/06.

W220589052200 case.

W220589052200 instructions.

Insert disk into the head unit and wait until update process finishes.

Changes Introduced

There have been reports that firmware update is required after phone retrofits to get communication platform functionality recognized. Seemingly there are no visual changes introduced other than a new option in the hidden menu "Copy autostore stations to stat" that copies radio stations found to station buttons.

Hidden menu option "Copy autostore stations to stat" in the latest COMAND-APS firmware.

Software Version in COMAND-APS Hidden Menu

The software version of head unit can be viewed in COMAND-APS hidden menu under "Components -> Media -> Software Versions / ???".

Before update. SW Week 40/03.

After update. SW Week 25/06.

Older Updates

The update disk W220589022200 has been made obsolete by the release of W220589052200 above.


Video in Motion

By default COMAND will not show video (DVD/TV) if vehicle is in motion. There are hardware kits available that on the CAN level block speed signal from reaching the COMAND, however, video in motion can be easily enabled using SDS.

Video in motion enabling menu in SDS.

Multimedia Interface

COMAND multimedia interfaces

COMAND Multimedia Interface is an aftermarket add-on that allows to use COMAND display for A/V sources such as aftermarket navigation, DVD player, DVBT, rear view camera, video game console, car PC, iPod video or any other video source.

Rear view camera input using multimedia interface.

We are aware of two W220 multimedia interfaces for MOST-based COMANDs:

  1. Connects2 CT90-MC04 (input sources can be switched using the COMAND "NAV" button and remote control).
  2. Car Solutions RGB-LE-V3.1 (input sources are switchable only using toggle switch and remote control, the converter makes loud clicking noise when switching between sources).

These interfaces will not work on D2B-based widescreen COMANDs as shown in the video below (D2B COMANDs have different ribbon cable).

Trying video interface on D2B widescreen COMAND