Inputting Code and Changing Region on BMW BUSINESS CD Radio (CD43)

Below you will find instructions for how to input the "CODE" and Change the Region on a BMW BUSINESS CD radio (model CD43).




Model CD43

In Dash Am/Fm CD Player

Typically found installed into E36 3-Series and Z3 (late/1998-2003)


Tool Size:  2.5 allen wrench

Code #: (Written on Radio Chassis)


Instructions for Inputting Code:

Your code will be a 4-Digit# typically written onto the top of the radio. To enter this number you will use touch-pad keys 1 through 4, some buttons require pushing multiple times to achieve the desired digit. Press > key to complete. 


Example) Code 1234

- Press (1) key 2 times: 0, 1.

- Press (2) key 3 times: 0, 1, 2.

- Press (3) key 4 times: 0, 1, 2, 3.

- Press (4) key 5 times: 0, 1, 2, 3, 4.


Instructions for Changing Region:

The code supplied is a 4-digit European code. Due to the rarity of these cd players in North America, the US/Canada have a very limited catalog of codes for these radios. 5-digit codes are often not available. Europe and most of the rest of the world uses a different FM/ AM band frequency. To change the radio to North American (or your specific region's) radio frequencies please follow the directions below:


Step 1) Turn off radio, then turn back on.

Step 2) Hold 'm' button for 10 seconds until display shows menu

Step 3) Use '+' key to navigate until you reach 'region' on the main screen.

Step 4) Toggle through regions using '1' key until you see USA (or your region)

Step 5) Press ">" to complete.


**If at a later date you need to change back to the 4-digit code screen, turn off radio, turn back on. Hold the 'm' button. Find Europe using '1' key. >. Repeat process.


You have now changed your region to North America. Because European radio frequencies are typically even (i.e. 97.2, 99.8, 105.0), North America uses odd frequencies (i.e. 94.7, 105.9, etc.)  so by changing region you will now have access to the entire AM/FM bandwidth. We have a copy of this radio's owner's manual in PDF. If you need it please ask us to email to you. If you have any other questions please feel welcome to ask! I will be more than willing to help. Enjoy your CD player!


Happy Motoring,

German Audio Tech