How to Win All Amazon A-Z Claims

Since there are so many forum topics and posts about sellers having a difficulty with responding to A-Z claims and winning them, I decided to make a thread with detailed instructions how to properly represent your case in different situations and have any claims closed in your favor. Everything is based on my own experience gained after handling hundreds of A-Z claims per year.

The most important factor when determining how to respond to an A-Z claim is the claim title. There are 2 main types:

  • “Items Not Received”
  • “Items Not As Described”

There also used to be an option of opening a claim with no title at all or a claim type “Order Returned”, but since I haven’t seen them for a few months, I am assuming that Amazon is no longer allowing them.

You should know, that buyers (or Amazon Customer Support) are often selecting the incorrect claim title and mentioning a completely different issue in the claim comments, therefore making it difficult to submit a proper response.

Also, buyers are able to appeal the claim decision and update their story anytime. For example by claiming that the item arrived damaged after losing an “Items Not Received” claim or by stating that the goods were never received when being asked by Amazon to return them in order to get their money back.

For this reason, my claim representations almost always address the second claim type as well, to ensure that Amazon will not simply refund the buyer after the story gets changed.

They are written in a very clear, polite language to ensure that overseas Amazon reps will understand them. There are no accusations or insults towards Amazon or buyers. I am simply standing my ground. This 100% works, without any need to submit proof pictures, videos, contact the Seller Support or report the buyers.

”Items Not Received” A-Z claims

While in the past, sellers used to be able to win these claims or at least have them funded by Amazon with just tracking, Amazon has recently gotten a lot stricter and is in most cases of non-receipt complaints requesting sellers to provide a proof of delivery with the buyer’s signature.

So even if you respond properly, the claim might bounce back as requiring a response and end up being granted and Seller Funded.

The only guaranteed way how to win them is having a tracking link showing delivery + pdf file with the buyer’s signature. A tracking link showing delivery with a signature of the addressee will be often sufficient, unless the buyer appeals.

This is the current policy:



Here are some example situations with my response templates (click on each link to expose the claim representation):

 - Buyer claiming non-receipt and seller has the signature proof of delivery
 - Buyer claiming non-receipt and seller has just tracking
 - Buyer claiming non-receipt and the shipment was delayed in transit
 - Buyer claiming non-receipt and the package is awaiting collection at the post office
 - Buyer claiming non-receipt after selecting Expedited/Premium Delivery at checkout without noticing the extra cost and then refusing/not collecting the package, hoping to get a full refund
 - Buyer claiming non-receipt and seller shipped a replacement
 - Buyer claiming the receipt of an empty box - “Items Not Received” claim title
 - Buyer claiming that only a part of order was received after ordering multiple items
 - Buyer claiming that items were not as described - “Items Not Received” claim title
 - Buyer claiming that the order arrived late - “Items Not Received” claim title

*Applies to Amazon USA only:

 - Buyer claiming non-receipt and the shipping was purchased from Amazon
 - Buyer claiming non-receipt after refusing a package shipped using Amazon’s Buy Shipping Services, which was then lost in transit

”Items Not As Described” A-Z claims

These claims are very easy to win, regardless if the items were shipped tracked or not. However, the outcome is very dependent on the way, how a seller handles his return requests.

All return requests should be processed (either denied or accepted) within no more than 48 hours. Eligible returns (requested within the Amazon’s 30days mandatory return period) need to be authorised, regardless of the category. Out of policy return requests can be denied.

The most common mistake, which inexperienced sellers make is demanding the buyers to supply proof pictures or explain why are they are asking for a return. Some sellers will dispute the return reason selected by the buyer and call the Seller Support, expecting assurances that they are within their rights to refuse the request. This is often followed by an A-Z claim with a full refund to the buyer.

Also, once a return is authorised, there is no room for any negotiations with the buyer. They are within their rights to return the items.

Once items are returned, the seller should carefully inspect the merchandise and in case that it arrived back in a different condition than sent, it is possible to withold a restocking fee of up to 50%. Restocking fees of up to 20% can be applied on all returns, regardless of the condition.

Here are the Amazon Guidelines for charging restocking fees:

A very important thing is also knowing how to handle returns for orders placed on different Amazon marketplaces.

The seller is always required to either provide a local return address, pre-paid return label (to have the items returned to his own country) or refund the buyer in full, without requesting the merchandise to be returned.

Here are some example situations with my response templates (click on each link to expose the claim representation):

 - Buyer claiming that items were not as described, without ever contacting the seller
 - Buyer claiming that items were not as described after requesting a return, without returning the items or providing a tracking number as proof of shipping anything back
 - Buyer claiming that items were not as described after the returns period has already expired
 - Buyer claiming that the shipping cost/price was too high and requesting a partial refund without a return
 - Buyer claiming that items were not as described and demanding a full refund/ free item without a return
 - Buyer demanding the remaining order cost to be reimbursed after only getting a partial refund due to being charged a restocking fee
 - Buyer claiming that items were not as described and demanding a refund after shipping the return, return package was not delivered/returned back to the sender due to buyer shipping it to incorrect address

These are the most common claim types but if you encounter any other situation or if I missed anything, feel free to let me know and I will add it along with an appropriate claim representation.