How To Program Porsche 986 996 Becker Radio for AUX Input

 How To Program Porsche Becker Radio for AUX Input



We sell a cable that replaces the factory cd changer, instead allowing you to connect your phone or MP3/MP4 device to Porsche Becker CR220, CDR220, etc. radios. 

There is a simple process to making an auxiliary input adapter work. 



Step 1) Hold Down TP Button for 10 seconds

Step 2) Menu will appear. Scroll through Menu Options using the right wheel button on the front of radio until you reach "AUX"

Step 3) Turn AUX ON.

Step 4) Turn Off Radio, Turn Radio Back On. 

Step 5) With Adapter and Device connected, Press "S" Source button to go to AUX input. 


That's it! Hope this helps someone. Happy motoring



AUX Input:

Bluetooth Input:




Additional Rear Output Data:

Blue mini iso as it is wired by Axxess for use on VW:

Pin#13 - Data To Changer - Axxess wire Yellow

Pin #15 - Data Clock To Changer - Axxess wire Blue

Pin #14 - Data From Changer - Axxess wire Brown

Pin #16 - Power to Changer (+12) Axxess wire Grey

Pin #20 - Right Audio - Axxess wire White

Piin #17 - Power Control -Axxess wire Green

Pin #18 - Audio Ground Axxess wire Black

Pin #19 - Left Audio - Axxess wire Red

Removed the Yellow, Blue, Brown, Grey, and Green wires/pins from the Blue mini iso.

I obtained a green mini iso and plugged the pins in as follows:

Pin #10 - Yellow wire from Axxess adapter (cdr-220 data)

Pin # 7 - Green wire from Axxess adapter (cdr-220 bus-on)

Pin #12 - Brown wire from Axxess adapter (cdr-220 changer reset)

Pin #9 - Left blank (but I'm pretty sure this is ground and the ground wire could have gone here. I chose to attach it to the radio body instead)

Pin #11 - Blue wire from Axxess adapter (cdr-220 clock)

Pin #8 - Grey wire from Axxess adapter (battery or power 12v)

FYI, the 3rd image below is of the pinouts for the VW radio...NOT THE PORSCHE.

I used this image to cross reference to the CDR-220 pinout provided by the pelican parts forum under 986 diy radio. http://www.pelicanpa...dio_Install.htm



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