How to Clear Volvo "SRS Airbag Service Urgent" Warning Message from DIM Instrument Cluster

Commonly on 2002+ Volvo Driver Information Module (DIM) Speedometers, when the battery is reset or the instrument cluster fails are requires repair, an error message will appear saying "SRS URGENT".

Volvo SRS Urgent Warning

The only way to clear this fault code generated as "SRS-E001" "Control Module Communication Faulty - Faulty Communication" is with an OBD2 diagnostic tool, such as the iCarsoft i906 or VOLII.

Volvo SRS-E001 Faulty Communication


To do this:

1) Plug tool into OBD2 port and the tool will power on.

  • Choose "Diagnose"
  • "VOLVO"
  • "Volvo" again
  • Software "version.."
  • "Manual Select System"
  • Scroll down to and choose "SRS - Supplemental Restraint System Module"
  • Read the generated DTC
  • Go Back
  • Choose "Erase DTC" and choose 'select'
  • It will then clear the fault, and the warning message will be erased.