DIY: Repairing Replacing Gear Shift Lever C215 W220 Mercedes S-Class

Mercedes W220 S-Class Stuck in Park

If you can not get your  Mercedes-Benz S-Class S430 S500 S55 AMG CL500 W220 out of park it is either because the shifter module has failed (parts inside it break) or the stop lamp switch is defective. Watch the video below to learn how to get the car out of park in emergency situations or if you need the car towed. Check out the next video on how to replace the brake light switch wich takes about 10 minutes. If the shifter lever is not moving due to the broken 11mm broken shifter lock piece inside the shifter module you can replace the broken piece for under $50. Resources on where to find the part and how to replace it provided below.

How to get your S-Class CL-Class W220/C215 out of park.

If you are looking for a shifter release switch you will not find one. Because the W220/215 Mercedes-Benz S-Class CL-Class didn’t come with a manual shifter unlock. So if you need to get your car towed or if your S430 / S500 is stuck in park you may be wondering how you can get the car out of park manually. In the video below we will show you a way to get your Mercedes-Benz shifter to move out of park.


Possible Causes and Solutions

These are the two main reasons why your S-Class will not come out of park.

Mercedes-Benz Shifter Selector Module Problem


The part shown in the picture is located inside the shifter control unit / module. The function of this plastic piece is to unlock the shifter from park position. It breaks inside the shifter and causes the shifter lever to not release from park position. The small piece are known to fail frequently. Instead of replacing the whole shifter module at a price of over $1500, you can open the shifter module and replace the part you see here. You can find this part on Amazon and replacing it is possible if you are willing to remove the shifter module and open it up. You need Mercedes Shifter Selector Lever Repair Kit CL W220 C Class (Automatic Transmission Park Lock Lever) 2202679724  C101 2202679924 C102 For use with W215 W220 CL500 CL55 AMG CL600 S350 S430 S500 S55 AMG S600 Mercedes-Benz.

There are three different types of these shifter selectors available 2 types of 11mm, 1 type of 5mm. Please make sure you are purchasing the correct selector by comparing the existing piece on your vehicle with the pictures. 

Replacing the broken piece is not difficult. Watch this video tutorial below to learn how to replace it on your S-Class.


You will need to disconnect the linkage under the car to the transmission to remove the shifter module. Unassemble the shifter box and inside you will see a small broken plastic. That is the part that you need to replace. If you like to read instructions on how to replace the broken piece take a look at this article: Shifter stuck in park, how to replace the broken shifter lock piece.