DIY: How to Calibrate BMW / MINI / Range Rover MK3 MK4 GPS Navigation Location Coordinates

A common issue people experience after replacing their GPS navigation computer is that the location will be off. Whether by a couple blocks or sometimes by an entire city or state. It is important to first check to make sure the navigation device is properly connected, otherwise it will not get a signal, then follow these steps:

1. Find "Destination Input"

2. Scroll down to "Information"

3. Your Position will give you current road you are on and intersection you will pass.

4. Drive until you reach the middle of the intersection. Tell the computer that you are now crossing that crossroads to confirm the GPS coordinate. This will now have calibrated your location.

 If you have any questions please feel free to contact us, you can purchase the navigation from the link here

Please see video below which will explain the process.