DIY: Changing Mercedes Benz Comand Navigation Startup Logo from Star to AMG

This hack is compatible with most 2002 - 2009 year model Mercedes-Benz Comand Navigation Monitors. We have tested this process on the W211 E-Class, but should work on the W209 CLK, W219 CLS, R171 SLK, R230 SL, W203 C-Class, W220 S-Class, W164 ML-Class etc.

When you first start your navigation radio, the COMAND system displays the Mercedes-Benz 'STAR' logo. If you'd prefer to see the 'AMG' logo instead please perform the following process:

1. Turn ignition key to position 1 or 2.
2. Turn on Command.
3. Turn to Radio.
4. Press 5 (continue holding and wait 1 second).
5. Press 3 (continue to hold along with 5 key and wait 1 second).
6. Press 7 (continue to hold along with 5 and 3 keys and wait about 3 seconds).
7. A menu should appear. Scroll down and select "AMG211_ECE" option.
8. Switch off ignition, remove key and leave about 5 minutes before turning on again




After (i.e. W211, R230, W204):


Video from Youtube: