P38 Climate HVAC


With over 10 years experience repairing this device, we can confidently assure you that the process outlined will resolve the failure of this climate control device. Please follow instructions carefully and take precaution when necessary.


The body electronics of a 1995 - 2001 RANGE ROVER (HSE) are generally reliable but the HVAC controller’s digital display is prone to premature failure. When this problem occurs the end result is an LCD that is unreadable.

Because this is a manufacturer defect, purchasing a new unit from Land Rover for $600+ may allow this problem to arise again in the future. This DIY outlines the process required to conduct a component-level repair of the automatic HVAC controller of an P38 Range Rover to address this problem.



The most obvious symptom of a failing HVAC controller is the intermittent operation of the unit. This condition is easily noticed when:

  1. The controller's LED backlit display flickers on and off
  2. LCD is unreadable
  3. Backlight illumination is dark
  4. Segments of digits disappear
  5. Temperature adjustment becomes difficult



  • Philips Screwdriver
  • Flat head screwdriver
  • Acetone / Isopropyl Alcohol
  • Microfiber towel
  • Soldering iron (40 watt range with T-tip)
  • Teflon Applicator Pad


  • Pixel Ribbon Cable
  • (5) New Light Bulbs


Removal / Disassembly Procedure

  1. Remove 8 philips screws around the perimeter of rear of climate controller. Once screws are removed, you can separate faceplate from main circuit board.
  2. Disconnect cable that connects faceplate to main circuit board. It will simply lift and disconnect. Pull off.
  3. Remove 9 philips screws on back of faceplate. They are installed as indicated by white paint on the black PCB. Lift off and remove circuit board from faceplate.
  4. Once separated, install (5) new lamps. One is a push in Osram bulb in the center of the circular temperature dial. The other 4 twist into their sockets.
  5. Remove old LCD. Pull off ribbon cable, separating it from PCB and LCD.
  6. Clean LCD and PCB contacts. Do not get any acetone onto the LCD, only on the glass portion where ribbon adheres! Use acetone to scrub off residue left over from cable removed from PCB. Also use acetone to clean the contacts on the rotary temperature adjustment surface.
  7. Preheat Iron and Bond Cable. Preheat iron for 2-3 minutes with teflon attached. Now that the LCD is clean, line up the contacts and bond cable with heat and light pressure. Once cable is attached to LCD, line up cable to PCB contacts and bond onto circuit board with iron. *tip: you may want to cover the exposed contacts on the cable with scotch tape so it doesn't adhere to surfaces inside the device once reassembled
  8. Reassemble device. Put device back together in reverse order. 


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Today's featured repair is on a 2001 Range Rover HSE 30th Anniversary (P38) climate control. We went to fix it for Sam from Los Angeles, California. A few issues that needed to be addressed: • dial doesn't adjust smoothly • backlighting is bad • pixel display is illegible After this service the device now functions 💯 We were the first company to design the parts required to properly repair this module. Hundreds of these modules have been repaired over the last 10 year and we are so confident in our work we provide you with a Limited Lifetime Warranty. 👍 Do you have this issue or know someone who does? We can help! Like ♥️Follow ✔️Share 📫 . Pixel Repair Kit www.ebay.com/itm/152036706733 Repair Service www.ebay.com/itm/391232585808 . 📬 support@germanaudiotech.net 🖥 www.germanaudiotech.net

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