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This is your opportunity to purchase (1) Brand New DIAGNOSTIC CODE RESET TOOL (version 1.4.0) for BMW. PA SOFT equivalent. This is a must-have device for all your code scanner, diagnostic, oil and fault reset needs!! With this tool you can save that dreaded trip to the BMW dealership, just to be charged a $100/hr 'diagnostic service fee' when it takes them 15 minutes using the same basic tool being offered here in this listing. You can clear faults and reset oil and service light with a simple press of a button! I would strongly recommend having this tool at your availability whenever the day comes when you will need it. Share it with your local BMW community and clear friends and family car's fault codes as well. There are no subscription or fees needed to activate this device. Simple save the EEPROM and Coding files to your PC and it is ready to use. Advanced coding is possible through the instrument cluster, light control module, airbag, immobilizer, etc. depending on your vehicle and equipment available. 

A laptop is recommended. Will work on Apple (Mac), PC with Windows operating system is required. Click here for the OBDII port Adapter. No soldering required!! Pins 7 & 8 have been soldered to allow for proper coding. All International Bidders Welcome!!

Will Work on the Follow OBDI & OBDII BMW Models

  • 1992 - 1999 E36:   3-Series
  • 1996 - 2003 E39:   5-Series
  • 1995 - 2001 E38:   7-Series
  • 2000 - 2006 E53:   X5
  • E83 - X3
  • E85 - Z4
  • ** Will have less features on BMWs older than 1998! Please note.

    ** You May A Need 20-Pin to 16-Pin Adapter For Older BMWs To Do Coding for some BMW cars prior to 2002, adapter can be found in link below.  


    Please connect the device to your car before you open the software.
    Language: English.
    Support System: Windows 98, 2000, XP, Vista, 7, 10 & Apple (Mac)
    Package Includes:
    • High Speed USB 2.0 Cable
    • Mini-CD with Diagnostic software

    BMW Scanner 1.4.0 v is a scan tool for BMW cars which can read code and save code in the files, copy ZCS and FA code,read and search VIN odometer value and DTCS, etc. BMW scanner 1.4.0 can work well on most BMW applications.


    BMW Scanner 1.4.0 Short functions list:

    • Determination of chassis, model, engine, gearbox and complete set
    • Searching of all units and reading:
    • Identification data
    • odometer value
    • VIN and ADFG
    • programming info (UIF)
    • errors (DTC)
    Reading and saving in files:
    • Program memory
    • EEPROM
    • coding data
    • amount of DTCs and DTCs shadow-memory
    • live data
    • programming info (User Info Fields)
    • Copying ZCS (IKE - EWS) and FA (IKE - LCM) coding
    • and other functions in various units


    BMW Scanner 1.4.0 "Unlocked" functions to show possibilities of full version:
    • DTCs description in DME MS43.0, EWS3, SRS MRS4
    • Clearing DTCs in same units
    • EWS-DME synchronization code in DME MS43.0
    • Live data in DME MS43.0, EWS3, SRS MRS2 and MRS4
    • Status of all keys in EWS3
    • EWS3 coding data interpretation
    • Equipment correction in SRS MRS4
    • Allows you to read and erase error messages. When your check engine light goes off codes are stored in the cars computer, this will allow you to read the actual errors (not just code numbers that you need to look up) and even erase them.
    • The scanner will also code features in your car i.e. one touch window roll down and up with the use of the key, no more day time running lights, or reactivate them, flashing lights when you lock/unlock the car, even tell the car that you now have HID and also deactivate some of the OBC (on board computer) checks if you run LED lights and don't want error messages

    Instructions on how to use BMW 1.4.0 Scanner:

    1. Run the software disc that comes with it (must be used with windows XP or older) Unzip the installer tool
    2. Run the installer program and save it to your desk top.
    3. Plug in the scanner using the provided USB cable into your computer
    4. Your computer will recognize new hardware and search for drivers, it will not find any.
    5. On your computer go to My computer then to the C drive then click on the folder marked BMW Scanner. Inside will be a folder marked drivers with a PDF telling you how to install them.
    6. Once that is done you are ready to rock. Open the file on your desk top and it should say that the drivers are installed and give you the option to continue (dont click it continue yet).
    7. Under the dash on the driver side is the access port. Open the latch and plug the scanner in.
    8. Turn your car key to position 1
    9. Click continue, it will tell you to turn the key (you already did that, no need to go past position 1) then press continue, click continue.
    10. It will do a quick scan then it will tell you what car you drive and every single option that came with the car (neat huh?).
    11. Next you will be greeted by this screen.
    12. On the left click scan, it will run through every diagnostic and report back all errors. NOTE, it will not be able to connect to every singe one listed on all 3 pages, I have no idea why. But honestly I dont need to access them all so I didnt care.
    13. Once it is done scanning it will tell you of any and all errors that have been stored. Double click on the line with the errors and it will let you access that section to see what is wrong and even erase the errors if they no longer exist.
    14. Now, to change your features.
    15. Double click on the ZKE line and a new window will pop up.
    16. On the left will be a button marked coding. Click that, then click recoding. The window will change to another that will give you access to windows roll up and down, auto door locks and all sorts of other features.



    A) Operation Temperature: -20 ℃ -- 75 ℃
    B) Storage Temperature:  -40 ℃  --  120 ℃
    C) Power: 8V -- 24V


    • CD software
    • USB cable
    • BMW OBD2 Interface


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