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iCarsoft MERCEDES-BENZ  Diagnostic Scanner

This is your opportunity to purchase (1) Brand New MERCEDES i980 Diagnostic & Code Reset Tool. Will work on most 1996-2014 OBDII Mercedes-Benz, SMART and SPRINTER vehicles (see list below). This is a must-have device for all your code scanner, diagnostic, fault reset needs!! Backed up with iCarsoft's '1-Year Quality Warranty', the i980 is a reliable tool you can trust. With its great presentation and quality of design, it would make a great gift. Since it is a standalone device, it does not require batteries or a laptop to use. Easy to use and simply plug into your vehicle's OBDII diagnostic port. Comes brand new with: Original packagingStorage BagAdapter Cable to your computer, and Printed Instructions Guide. With this professional grade tool you can save that dreaded trip to the Mercedes dealership, just to be charged a $100/hour+ 'diagnostic service fee'. Know what is wrong with your car prior to a visit to your mechanic, and possibly fix the problem easily yourself. You can clear faults, SRS Airbag and search and decipher vehicle fault codes in iCarsoft's database! Please be advised that some years and model Mercedes-Benz's have features that others do not, use both Auto and Manual modes to find codes. If you have a question about this, please ask before buying! This is a durable, quality tool and comes with 24 hour international product support and online updatability. If you have a question please contact our customer support. We are happy to help! All International Buyers Welcome.

PLEASE NOTE: If you are trying to determine if this tool will perform a specific task for your specific year and model Mercedes, please CLICK HERE for PDF Guide. Please Do Your Research before buying! Avoid returns by knowing what this tool is capable of doing for you before buying.

The system offers total diagnostic coverage of all engine, chassis and body systems:

  • Reading and re-setting of diagnostic trouble codes (DTC) 
  • Real-time reading of dynamic data
  • 1 Year Product quality Warranty
  • Free online software update within 1 year of purchase.

Compatible Mercedes-Benz vehicle models :

A Class: W168 , W169 , W176

B Class: 245,  246

C Class: 203,  204

CL Class: 215, 216

CLK Class: 209

CLS Class: 218,  219

E Class: 207,  211,  212

G Klasee: 461,  463

GL Class: X164,  X168,  X166

GLK Class: X204

M Class: W163,  W164,  W166

R Class: 251

S Class: 220 , 221 , 222

SL Class: R230,  R231

SLK Class: R170,  R171,  R172

SLS:  C197

SLR: Series 199

MAYBACH: V240, W240

DAS: Concise interface and straightforward operation using a wintel computer you can realize a quick and accurate code reading and testing on the cars system.


Features (See PDF linked above for specific features available for your vehicle):

•  Engines (All Gasoline & Diesel Systems)  
•  Transmissions and Electronic Selector Modules 
•  Airmatic and Active Body Control Suspension Systems 
•  Traction Systems: ESP / ASR / ETS / ABS / BAS / SBC braking systems 
•  Supplementary Restraint Systems (SRS) / Airbag, All body modules OCP / UCP / LCP / SCM / SKF / KFB / RCM / DCM’s 
•  Drive Authorisation System 
•  Sam (Signal Acquisition) Modules 
•  Electronic Ignition System (EIS)  
•  Pneumatic System Equipment and ATA functions 
•  Air Conditioning / climate control Systems 
•  Instrument Cluster 
•  Tyre Pressure Control 
•  Parktronic System 
•  Keyless Go 
•  D2b Command & Audio Gateway (D2B and MOST networks)  
•  TV Tuner 
•  Headlamp Range Adjustment 
•  Seat Electronics 
•  Rvc, RST & Vario Roof modules 
•  Automatic Clutch System ACS 
•  M-Class Body Modules (AAM / EAM / DAS / SEM / VG Transfer Case) 
•  Assyst & ASSYST + systems 
•  Compatibility: Most Mercedes Benz vehicles (listed above) with OBDII (listed above)


System coverage:


• ME2.8 (6,8 cylinders) (Motor Electronics)
•  ME2‐SFI (Motor Electronics)
•  ME2.7 (Motor Electronics)
•  ME‐SFI (Motor Electronics)
•  ME‐SFI2.8 (Motor Electronics)
•  ECM (Engine control monolith)
•  CDI & CDI2 & CDI3 & CDI4 & CDI5 & CDI6 & CDID & CDI‐V1 (Common Rail Diesel Injection)
•  CDID3 (Motor electronics)
•  FTC (Front Transmission Control)
•  ETC (Electronic Transmission Control)
•  ESM (Electronic Selector Module)
•  TC/VG (Transfer Case)
•  ACS (Automatic Clutch System)
•  GRM (Gear Recognition Module)
•  DTR (Distronic)
•  FSCU/FSCU_EC (Fuel pump)
•  ISM (Shift module)
•  ME97 (Motor Electronics)
•  MED97(MotorElectronics)
•  MED177 (Motor Electronics)
•  SIM271DE20 (Motor Electronics)
•  SIM271KE20 (Motor Electronics)
•  SIM271KECNG (MotorElectronics)
•  SGR (Radar sensors control unit)
•  CDI60LS (Motor Electronics)
•  IRS‐HLA (Outer left rear intelligent radar sensor system)
•  IRS‐HRA (Outer right rear intelligent radar sensor system)
•  HAQ (Interwheel differential lock at rear axle)
•  MED40 (Motor electronics)
•  SG_EM
•  UFPCAMG ‐Comtrol unit 'Fuel pump'
•  BSA ‐ Belt‐driven starter/alternator
•  MED177_M157 (Motor electronics)
•  VGSNAG2 (Fully Integrated transmission control)
•  VGSFDKG (Electronic Transmission control for double‐plate clutch transmission)
•  VGS4NAG2 (Fully Integrated transmission control)
•  SCR ‐ Selective Catalytic Reduction
•  TC166‐Transfer case
•  MED177 AMG

•  ME2.7.2 (Motor electronics)


Climate Control:

•  AAC/KLA (Automatic Air Conditioning)
•  REAR AC (Rear Air Conditioning)
•  STH (Stationary Heater)
•  LRH (Steering wheel heater)
•  EKMK ‐ Electric Refrigerant compressor
•  HSW (Heated steering wheel)


Seat Modules & Door Modules:

•  Seat Modules & Door Modules:
•  ESA‐FL (Electric Seat Adjustment, Front‐Left)
•  ESA‐FR (Electric Seat Adjustment, Front‐Right)
•  ESA‐REAR (Electric Seat Adjustment, Rear)
•  OSB‐FL (Orthopedic Seat Backrest, Front‐ Left)
•  OSB‐FR (Orthopedic Seat Backrest, Front‐ Right)
•  OSB‐REAR (Orthopedic Seat Backrest, Rear)
•  AMKS‐LF (Active multicontour seat)
•  AMKS‐RF (Active multicontour seat)
•  DSP (Pneumatic pump for dynamic seat)
•  ESA 'Front passenger' (Electric seat adjustment 'Front passenger')
•  ESA 'Driver' (Electric seat Adjustment 'Drive')
•  MKL‐HL (Rear left Multicontour backrest)
•  MKL‐HR (Rear right multicontour backrest)
•  DS‐LF (Left front dynamic seat)
•  DS‐RF (Right front dynamic seat)
•  HS (Seat heater)
•  ESA‐LR (Left rear electrical seat adjustment)
•  ESA‐LR (Left rear electrical seat adjustment)
•  LAE (Loading floor Automatically extendable)
•  ARWT (Automatic rear‐end door)
•  DCM‐FL (Door control module front left)
•  DCM‐FR (Door control module front right)
•  DCM‐RL (Door control module rear left)
•  DCM‐RR (Door control module rear right)
•  REDC (Rear‐end door closing control module)
•  TLC (Trunk lid control)
•  RCM (Rear control module)
•  HKS ‐ Tailgate control
•  KDS ‐ Trunk lid control
•  PWC (Partition wall control module)


Information & Communication:

•   KI (Instrument Cluster)
•  ICM/IC (Instrument Cluster with Maintenance Interval Display)
•  SCM/SCCM (Steering Column Module)
•  DN (Dynamic Navigation by CTEL)
•  APS (Auto‐Pilot System)
•  DAS (Driver Authorized System)
•  NSA (Night View Assist)
•  MFK (Multifunction camera)
•  RFK (Backup camera)
•  ASSYST (Active Service System)
•  CM (Compass module)
•  ASSYST PLUS (PLUS Active Service System)



•  AB (Air Bag)
•  ATA (Anti‐Theft Alarm)
•  PTS (Parktronic System)
•  EIS (Electronic Ignition Switch)
•  SEM (Security Module)
•  PSE (Pneumatic System Equipment)
•  OCP (Overhead Control Panel)
•  LCP (Lower Control Panel)
•  SAM (Signal acquisition and actuation module)
•  SAM‐FL (Front left signal acquisition and actuation module)
•  SAM‐FR (Front right signal acquisition and actuation module)
•  SAM‐F (Signal acquisition and actuation module front)
•  UCP (Upper Control Panel)
•  HRA (Headlamp Range Adjustment)
•  HRA‐FL (Headlamp Range Adjustment, Front Left)
•  AAM (All Activity Module)
•  EAM (Extended Activity Module)
•  KG (Keyless Go)
•  RFL (Radio Frequency Locking)
•  VR (Vario Roof)
•  SVMCM /MSS (Special Vehicle Multifunction Control Module)
•  WSP(immobilizer)
•  AHE (Trailer Recognition)
•  RST (Roadster Soft‐Top)
•  RevETR‐LF (Left front reversible emergency tensioning retractor)
•  RevETR‐RF (Right front reversible emergency tensioning retractor)
•  CGW(Central gateway)
•  PSD (Panoramic sliding roof)
•  Dr‐side SAM (Driver signal acquisition and actuation module)
•  REAR SAM (Rear signal acquisition and actuation module)
•  SG‐FOND (Rear control unit)
•  WSS (Weight sensing system)
•  XALWA‐L (Xenon headlamp,left)
•  XALWA‐R (Xenon headlamp,right)
•  SDS (System diagnosis)
•  COU (Central operating unit)
•  CRN (Center roof node)
•  HBF (Rear control panel)
•  VBF (Front control panel)
•  BNS (Vehicle power supply control module)
•  BCG‐Remote control(Rear control field)
•  SRS (Supplemental restraint system)
•  EZS (Electronic ignition lock)
•  DSI (DIRECT SELECT interface)
•  VDS‐Vario roof control


•  ABS (Anti‐lock Brake System)
•  ESP (Electronic Stability Program)
•  BAS (Brake Assist System)
•  SBC (Sensotronic Brake System)
•  ABC/AIRmatic/ Suspension (Active Body Control)
•  VP (Vacuum Pump Brake Booster)
•  TPC/TPM (Tire Pressure Monitor)
•  EFB (Electric parking brake)
•  ES (Electrical power steering)
•  EPB (Electric parking brake)
•  ARS‐Roll control
•  ABR (Adaptive Brake)


•  Protective Nylon Case
•  USB Cable
•  OBDII Cable
•  User's Manual

Supported Languages:
- English
- German

- Easy to read color display
- Reads all fault codes ( General and manufacturer specific codes)
- Deletes codes in the control unit
- Live Data Function
- Easy operation with six buttons
- Standalone device,  no batteries or laptop required
- Updatable fast, easy and FREE on the Internet


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