Pixel Display Repair Service for BMW BUSINESS CD RDS CD23 Radio

  • $ 124.95

If you are experiencing Display Failure / Pixelation problems with your BMW BUSINESS CD RDS, or BUSINESS RDS radio, it is time to fix it once and for all!! This listing is for the purchase of a SERVICE to repair the display on the radio pictured (CD23).
Because of our confidence in our work, we provide an unbeatable Limited Lifetime Warranty on every service! These parts are nearly impossible to find in good used condition. Why waste your time searching for a replacement & risk buying a dud when you can have yours repaired back to new? Service requires that you mail in your device to be fixed

Typical Problems That Require Our Service:
  • Completely unreadable display. Loss of Digits / Pixels
  • Dark, Unreadable Display 
  • Volume Adjustment
  • Vertical and/or Horizontal Rows and Lines of Missing Text 
  • Can't read what your LCD says? 
  • Broken Text, Words do not Fully Display Missing or Distorted Pixels
  • Burnt out Illumination Light Bulbs (x6) 
  • **This service's purpose is to ONLY repair what is listed above. 


    1..   Buy Service

    2..   Remove Radio from dash

    3..   Prepare your radio to Mail It In

    **** You will receive mailing instructions via email after service is bought and paid for. Please take your radio securely packaged to FedEx, UPS, DHL, US Post Office, etc. to have it mailed in. Please include in the package a short list of symptoms and your return mailing address.

    Note: Yes! You can still drive your BMW without the MID plugged in.


    Mailing Address

    German Audio Tech
    Attn: Repair Dept.
    65 Pine Ave. #337
    Long Beach, CA 90802



    BMW Part Numbers:

     Blaupunkt CD23 (BUSINESS CD RDS)

    • 7643 850 340
    • 7643 850 341
    • 65.12 8 360 795
    • 65.12 8 352 865

    Blaupunkt C23 (BUSINESS RDS)

    • 7643 838 340
    • 7643 838 341

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