Instrument Speedometer Cluster Repair Capacitors for BMW E34 / E32 / E31

  • $ 39.95

Instrument Cluster Repair Capacitors. Will fix temperamental display cause by heat and other hot/cold temperature fluctuations, backlighting dark even with new bulbs installed, faulty gauge function, LCD display, sometimes BUS failure (PPPP), pixel failure, etc. It is up to the buyer to determine if this is correct for their needs - although this is a common fault with original instrument panels at this age. 

Will Ship Worldwide. 



  • E34 5-Series, M5
  • E32 7-series
  • E31 8-Series
BMW 62.11.8364 749 4
VDO 993 558 181
Gray Backplate


Package Includes:

1x  1000uF/63V
1x  220uF/25V
1x  4.7uF/63V
2x  22uF/63V


High quality, high temperature resistant radial capacitors. Easy to install. 

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