The Powerful Importance of Good Web Formatting

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For every business large or small and individuals who seek accomplishments and fulfillment the end of every year provokes the thought of 'What have I done well this past year' and 'what can I do in the following year to improve'? 

Browsing Google I was reminded today the importance of good HTML coding, formatting and professional eBay auction content. Let's be honest, what do you think about when you visit an eBay listing that looks like this with old-style and broken links:

Or would you rather buy from a listing that looked like this:

Same exact excellent quality product offered by us, but sales are much improved because buyer confidence is also much improved. We want to personally thank charlatan small businesses on eBay around the Riverside, CA area, mimicking and pretending to be us, for convincing us that that we need to have a cleaner more professional format. This has helped our business tremendously, as well as a 70%+ increase in sales volume on eBay. There was even an article written about our new design Here at the DZINE website design blog. 

GermanAudioTech DZINE Article

We know, today, that our website is not the most glamorous, but for 2017 we are making it our resolution to create a more user-friendly and beautiful website. We hope to drive more business toward our site and away from the rigid, ever increasing difficult standards to conform to on auction sites like Amazon and eBay. This, we are sure will help improve customer satisfaction and buyer experience as well as give our company a more professional look and standard to adhere to.

Just another blog entry, thank you for reading and Best Wishes to you in 2017!

German Audio Tech

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