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After much encouragement from clients of previous years, we finally decided in 2013 to 'get with the times' and make an eCommerce website for German Audio Tech, LLC. The task was daunting and in past HTML coding and Word Press sites were very challenging to understand. Hiring a web designer was something we chose not to do because we wanted to have complete control over how the site looked and functioned. Like the work we perform for our customers, we also wanted it done to a high standard. Also, taking into account that when things change we would have to get in touch with that designer and ask them to make edits accordingly. It's analogous to taking your car to a mechanic vs. being the guy who did the work. You know what was done understand the mechanics of how what you fixed functions. 

What we came up with was a very basic, Shopify site with a functional free template. It was never glamorous or pretty by any means, but it established our online presence. As time went on and many transactions through the site unfolded, we realized that there were fundamental things the site was lacking and improvements that needed to be made. 

German Audio Tech's Old Website

Things the site was lacking:

  • It did not hold visitor attention very long
  • Google did not populate it because they determined the site to not be credible enough
  • Buyers had difficulty finding what they were looking for
  • Layout was cluttered
  • Unattractive and outdated looking
In one Saturday we took to the task to browse alternative Shopify templates, adjust settings, color themes, layouts and product collections. Our goal was to make improvements to the issues listed above, and what we came out with is quite impressive. Keep in mind, we have little to no website design background, and basic knowledge of Photoshop and HTML coding. 
German Audio Tech Website  
Welcome to German Audio Tech's new home page! You will notice the neutral color theme of White contrasted by light grey with black text that pops. It is easy to read and most importantly very easy on the eyes! Our company's color theme is Orange, Black, Grey, White. So, we utilized our Orange color theme to make the page POP in all the right areas. These are regions of the screen we wanted to draw attention to: Products, Services, and Banner/Marquee. 
As you scroll curiously to the bottom of the page you will find all links the links you need: Seach, About Us, Warranty Information, Customer Testimonials, Blog and our Social Media page on Instagram! Remember, Shopify eCommerce stores are secured by the highest level of SSL for a secure and safe checkout process, and the Paypal Verified logos are presented on the bottom-right corner. This insures Trust, which is vital to a good, comfortable buying experience.
German Audio Tech Product Page
Next you will find the Product and Services pages which have the same layout. Just look for your brand's logo and click the icon. It will take you to all Products or Services for that brand of car. 
Once you find the product you are looking for, the page is now laid out with easy to read text. Soft on the eyes and flows well with the color theme of the store. You will notice that the new store design will include pages where YouTube videos and Instagram Social Media content are shared on the page. You can watch these videos without needing to leave the page! Very nice feature.
German Audio Tech Mobile Device Layout
We've learned that a lot of our customers are actually visiting us using mobile devices and tablets! That is really cool! The future is definitely here, however we need to make sure your browsing experience also flows well on these devices. So, we have made the site both Desktop AND Mobile Device compliant. Shopify was a great help in making this happen.
German Audio Tech Live Support
Lastly the feature I like the most, is our new Live Chat window. It is linked to our company's mobile device and can be used even after hours! Simply click on the logo on the bottom righthand corner, and type into the box your questions. If we are not able to respond, you can insert your email address and we can reply back to you at a later time by email. It's really a convenient feature for everyone and it does not require a phone call. So far we have had discussions with visitors from South Korea, Portugal, Brazil, Canada, United States, Germany, etc. just to list a few. Our chat is set up to detect foreign languages and translate it to English. The Live Chat window will remember your visit, and followup with you if you leave the site and come back. It will also stay open as you browse different pages of the website. 
In short, this is a huge upgrade over what we were previously working with. Of course there will always be things we can improve on and we are constantly striving to improve, but for now we are very happy with the direction of the store. If anyone reading this has any suggestions we are happy to hear them!! The good and the bad, bring it on! 
Thanks for reading and as always Happy Motoring!
Customer Support Staff

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