Another Great Bimmerfest, 2017

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There is something about BMWs that makes it more than just a car company. There is a passionate following of enthusiasts for this brand of car, one that admittedly has captured my soul since as early as I can remember. German Audio Tech has participated in several Bimmerfests since the very first one in 2001 at Cutter Motors in Santa Barbara, CA where every car in attendance literally fit into the dealership lot. 

Bimmerfest 2017 is a whole other beast! It came and went as fast as a twin turbo BMW M4, but the memories it made will last forever. June 3rd and 4th, 2017 came on a Saturday and Sunday this year. The host city, Fontana, California home of Auto Club Speedway (AAA Speedway), offered warm weather inviting a big turn-out. 

From Circuit Lap racing, autocross and virtual reality simulators, this year offered it all. Trophies were handed out to the most impressive cars and the amazing variety of food trucks kept the patrons well fed and the thirsty ones satisfied. Models roamed the show grounds while handing out souvenirs and trinkets. 

For more information about Bimmerfest, please visit, and mark your calendar for next year's event!

Original BMW Teile E28

Virtual Reality Racing Game

Food Trucks at Bimmerfest

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