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Bringing solutions to common audio and electrical problems has always been our mission. Pride in craftsmanship has been the approach we adhere to. German Audio Tech LLC. established itself nearly 10 years ago with the state of California and has been the pioneer in Quality and rare repair services since. In the beginning we were only focused on BMW and as we grew we brought Audi, Volkswagen and Mercedes-Benz under our wing. We were one of the first companies to bring the category of electronics repair services to eBay and it has been wildly successful. Since then, we have been copied, mimicked and even worse, some competitors who were fighting to gain a market share have chosen to play in the proverbial mud by posting untrue statements about us online. We have gone forward unshaken with a Positive attitude because we know in our heart, we CARE about what we do and we do everything for YOU. Besides the 18000+ positive reviews on eBay, you can read real words from real customers of ours about how much we have helped them.


2008-2010 we were primarily focused on acquiring and remanufacturing used BMW and Mercedes stereos, and then stumbled upon a rare opportunity to be one of the first companies in the world to professionally repair missing Pixels on BMW radio displays. Before us, owners would buy components for premium prices that were missing pixels but were still better than what they had. If one had all pixels, the device would sell immediately and for a hefty premium. We gave owners and enthusiasts a better option; repair the original component at a fraction of the cost with a Lifetime Warranty! Since 2008 we have literally repaired thousands of these devices for clients world-wide.

2011-2013 were the years in which we ventured into re-manufacturing unavailable replacements parts abroad such as LCDs, Heat Seal Pixel Repair Cables and rubber volume buttons.

2014 was the year we created a International Trademark Patent on our business's name, logo and typography. We established this website, a support email:, hired a top web designer to rebrand, create a more futuristic logo design and above all our beautiful eBay store ( Check us out online! 

2015 was an interesting year in which we relentlessly ventured into the repair of Japanese automotive manufacturers including Toyota, Nissan, Lexus and Infiniti.

It is with pride that we announce that for 2016 we are bringing additional services available for the Porsche, Jaguar and Land Rover cars! We are more open and available than ever brining daily progress to the world through social media. Follow us on:


Happy Motoring! 


German Audio Tech team


P.S. We love suggestions and invite positive constructive crit!! :)

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