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Are you absolutely crazy about your car, a car that you want to one day own or just like cars in general? There are millions just like you around the world who feel the same way! This blog post will cover:

  • Online Forums
  • Local / Regional Car Clubs
  • Meet and Greets
  • Car Shows

The car that first captured my heart was the 1992-1999 BMW E36 3-series, particularly the 1995-1999 M3. I bought my very first 1992 BMW 325i in high school and at that time I knew very few people who owned these cars locally, but several who would have loved to have one. Finding like minded Bimmer fans was something I put a lot of my time thinking about. In 1999 I found, and the original where I held the top post count for years until they drifted away into the dust bin of internet site history. 


Online Forums

Say you own or want to talk to people about Mercedes-Benz cars specifically. A quick google search will yield a list of online internet forums you can join where people actively talk about only Mercedes-Benz cars! 

The best thing about joining these forums is that they are actively being updated and valuable information is constantly being updated and shared freely. There have been several times that I found that I was able to DIY repair my vehicle saving myself a trip to the dealership or mechanic with information provided by a forum member nice enough to share.

Also, internet forums usually have classifieds sections where members can barter, sell and give away equipment, upgrade, modifications and products. This is a great way to trade with other enthusiasts and make/save money at the same time!! 


Local Regional Car Clubs


Here are just a few examples of organized car club groups. Again, you can find your club by doing a simple Google search. Some groups will require association dues paid, but the benefits are fantastic. Some provide well-written newsletters, organized events, parties and meet-ups, cruises and track days. The people you meet in these groups are typically more mature motorists, so if you are an older gentleman or lady, don't worry you are not going to only see a bunch of high school, race-car wannabes. :) 


Meet ups and Gatherings

Getting together casually and going for a group cruise with like-minded enthusiasts is really nothing short of exhilarating. I personally feel like a kid on the eve of Christmas anticipating the gathering the following morning. Getting my car in showroom condition, setting the alarm clock to make sure I don't oversleep and having everything together to bring with me is just FUN! 

You can find out about these gathering on the forums, car clubs will advertise them on their websites and in emailed newsletters. However, another BIG tip I can give is to get to know your local dealership staff! Car dealerships are also in-the-know about special gatherings and events that are by invite-only. These events are usually suited for the class-level of the event. I get invited to Maserati, Ferrari, BMW, Mercedes, McLaren, Lamborghini events that are anywhere from business-casual to black tie. These events will have catered food, hors d'oeuvres, etc. I'm sure if Ford or GM had an event it would be more casual and light. Just go to your dealership, test drive, ask questions and be friendly. The staff is there to be accommodating and helpful. 


Car Shows

These are typically larger gatherings that are planned months in advance. They pull large crowds and are usually at bigger venues. A popular event for say, BMW owners is Bimmerfest which is one of the largest annual, BMW-only gatherings in the world. It is hosted in Southern California and started around 2001 in a dealership lot and is now so big it barely fits in the Rose Bowl. It's such a popular event that BMW GmBh even made a commercial showing footage from a Bimmerfest event I went to. 

Or classier events like Concours d'Elegance events which are hosted all over CA. Most popular are in La Jolla, Palm Springs and Pebble Beach.


There is so much more that can be said, but I want to keep this short and allow you to take the time to discover for yourself. In conclusion, I hope I have convinced you to get out from under the hood of your pride and joy and to a computer or event. We are out there waiting to see and hear from you so come join us and make for a better experience for everyone! 

As always, Happy Motoring!

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